5 Things You Should Own and Experience to Live Life King-size

We all love having valuable private possessions that we cherish and enjoy using. But have you ever wondered what possessions or experiences could make your life King-size? While many of us may be reluctant to admit it, everyone low-key wants to live life King-size. And if you are among the lucky few, it is a lifestyle choice.

But no one ever tells us how to live King-size, and we are here to fix that. This article is for you if you want to elevate your lifestyle and align with the “Living life King-size” standard. Below, we recommend the top five things you should own and experience to make the most of your life and live it King-size. 

A Mean-looking Luxury Sports Car

Time and again, you will see people pushing sports cars as the ultimate luxury item to own. Putting aside the marketing gimmick surrounding sports and luxury cars, it is still among the few joys money can buy. 

We are not telling you to buy an expensive sports car now, but you should give it a chance. Go to your nearest dealer and ask for a test drive. Forget the machine’s elegance or beauty and observe how you feel when pressing that accelerator pedal as the speed and adrenaline level rise. 

Fast cars may not be for everyone, but you will only know if you try them at least once. Automobiles, especially well-made ones, evoke the primal instinct in you and give you a high even when you are sober. Moreover, cars are the ultimate combination of performance and elegance, making them a status symbol in your social circle. 

All luxury car brands, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, and more, create works of art with price engineering. And even if you do not like driving them, you can still collect them as works of art. Of course, there are also ultra-luxury brands like Rolls Royce, which make their cars deliver the same comfort and elegance in the backseats as it does in the front seats. 

Designer Shoes and Wardrobe

Designer shoes and wardrobes are not just for women; it’s for everyone. Looks may not always matter, but it can help boost your confidence. Moreover, how you choose to dress and what you wear is a statement of who you are as a person. No one wants to be another cardboard cutout.

One of the easiest ways to stand apart in your appearance is with designer shoes and wardrobe. In other words, spending money on your appearance is an investment in yourself. Whether a tailored suit or an evening gown, a well-curated wardrobe can exude confidence and speak your personality. 

So, next time you catch yourself getting ready for a social event, don’t be shy to break out your new designer labels. Of course, the shoes and designer labels can do only so much if you don’t confidently carry yourself. Hence, you must always buy designer products that speak to your inner self and wear the same with confidence. 

The Fine Art of Cigar Smoking

Cigars were always a symbol of luxury and power. The act of savoring the flavors of a cigar and letting its smoke linger in your mouth as you take in all the nuanced flavors is an art. It requires patience and a delicate palate to appreciate the subtle flavors of the fine cigar. Cigars are the wine of tobacco products. It takes time and patience to enjoy them. 

They are classy and require a developed taste to enjoy them fully. And unlike an expensive sports car, anyone can afford a premium cigar for enjoying a special occasion. Furthermore, you don’t have to be a cigar aficionado to start enjoying premium cigars on your own. Premium cigar brands like Avo XO offer mild cigars that are perfect for beginners.

Seasoned cigar smokers can also choose from premium options from leading brands like Avo XO cigars. Spending money on premium cigar brands like Avo XO enables you to put your taste palate to the test with their complex and intricate flavors and aromas. As one of the relatively affordable luxuries, everyone should try it at least once. 

Watch Collection

Watches are not only for telling the time; they can do much more. A timepiece can be an accessory, jewelry, or even an electronic gadget, depending on your watch type. It is one of the very few accessories men wear regularly. However, you can’t wear the same old watch everywhere because every occasion deserves a special one. 

If you still need to get a collection of watches, it is high time you have one. Your watch collection should include luxury and exotic watches and new-age smartwatches. Like other items we discussed, watches are also timeless machinery and works of art. Moreover, they are relatively inexpensive if you compare them against a mean sports car. 

Of course, you can always find a more expensive watch in the market, but it is your decision whether or not you want to spend your money on them. The good thing about investing in an expensive watch is that you can always sell it and get a new one. Or better yet, you can keep and grow your watch collection over the years. 

Travel and Fine Dining

So far, we have seen exquisite items you can own. However, spending time and money on non-feasible or perishable experiences is also essential. Yes, we are talking about traveling the world and eating delicious food from around the world. Spending money on travel and exotic food is not about having more material things but experiencing them.

Of course, all items listed here can enhance your experience, but traveling and fine dining are different. You can not quantify the time you spend traveling and exploring local cuisine. However, these experiences stay with you forever, even if your possessions don’t.  

Indeed, these items can enhance the overall experience. For example, you always remember sharing your first cigar with someone dearest to celebrate a special occasion. Even though a luxury cigar is materialistic, how you use it makes all the difference. Hence, you are not investing in material things but in experiences, including traveling, exploring local cuisines, and much more. 


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