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A Guide to the Crusader Class in Ragnarok Origin Global

In an epoch-making event that unfolded on September 15, 2022, Ragnarok Origin made its glorious debut in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, China. This moment marked the commencement of an extraordinary adventure, as players were bestowed with the key to unlock the game’s boundless realms, accessible seamlessly across a myriad of platforms encompassing both mobile and PC. And lo and behold, on the auspicious date of April 6, Ragnarok Origin Global extended its benevolent embrace to the enchanting lands of Southeast Asia. The arrival of this revered phenomenon sent shockwaves of exhilaration throughout the gaming fraternity, as players joyfully immersed themselves in this transcendent experience, transcending boundaries and forging new legends in their wake.

In the recent update of Ragnarok Origin Global, an exciting expansion has been unveiled for this iconic MMORPG. Introducing the Crusader, a fresh and captivating class that has emerged within the realm of the game. According to official sources, the Crusader will be introduced as a 2-2 subclass of the Swordsman. It’s truly intriguing how this new class offers adventurers a unique avenue to indulge in the thrill of initiating their gaming experience. The primary objective of this article is to provide a comprehensive and invaluable guide for those intrepid explorers who are inclined towards embracing the Crusader’s journey within the immersive world of Ragnarok Origin Global.

Embarking on an extraordinary endeavor, from the start at 5:00 on 6/21 until the end at 4:59 on 7/21, adventurers who have surpassed Lv.25 will be granted exclusive access to a range of enticing benefits known as the Crusader Benefits. These remarkable advantages encompass a doubled experience acquisition from daily missions, extraordinary rewards tailored to specific Crusader levels, and a generous influx of experience points and bonus rewards upon transitioning into the esteemed Crusader class. As an added bonus, intrepid adventurers who lend their support to the valiant Crusaders in Ragnarok Origin Global will be bestowed with additional Proofs of Union. However, it’s essential to note that the availability of these remarkable benefits hinges upon the Server Level, which must be at Lv.70 or above to partake in these extraordinary rewards.

Recommended Skills for Crusader in Ragnarok Origin Global

The optimal utilization of the newly introduced class, Crusader, in Ragnarok Origin Global heavily relies on strategic distribution of skills. In order to fully harness their battle potential, it is advisable to allocate a minimum of 40 points to essential abilities such as Riding, Cavalry Master, Heal, Shield Charge, and Spear Stab. Those inclined towards offensive-oriented approaches should prioritize the advancement of Shield Mastery, Faith, and Providence. Conversely, those favoring a defensive playstyle should focus on Faith, Providence, and Auto Guard.

Shield Mastery greatly amplifies damage output, whereas Auto Guard grants the capability to block incoming physical attacks. For defensive builds, prudent investments could include Lv.10 Reflect Shield combined with Lv.4 Shield of Light, or alternatively, Lv.9 Reflect Shield in conjunction with Lv.5 Shield of Light. On the flip side, offensive builds should strive to maximize Reflect Shield up to Lv.10, and the remaining skill points can be allocated according to personal preference. Players can personalize their approach by maximizing Faith and Shield of Light, and distributing the remaining points based on their individual playstyle.


Recommended Equipment for Crusader in Ragnarok Origin Global

The overall effectiveness and performance greatly depend on the selection of equipment. For players who prefer a shield-oriented playstyle, it is advisable to wield the Longhorn Spear, which heightens the likelihood of successful healing spells. Pairing it with the Cross Shield amplifies damage output, resulting in a comprehensive and well-rounded gameplay experience.

In the case of gamers inclined towards the Holy Cross build, the Holy Light Halberd stands as the perfect choice. This particular weapon not only enhances holy attacks but also boosts magic capabilities, empowering players to unleash devastating strikes upon their adversaries. By wielding the Holy Light Halberd, adventurers can fully unleash the potential of their holy powers and unleash formidable magical abilities.

When contemplating armor choices, the Tyr suit emerges as a compelling option, intensifying physical attack power and allowing for significant damage during combat encounters. On the other hand, the Govine suit offers an alternative approach by reducing elemental damage taken and simultaneously enhancing the maximum SP capacity.

For adventurers seeking to delve into the new Crusader class in Ragnarok Origin Global, an exciting option is to utilize the Redfinger Cloud Phone—an Android emulator that enables gamers to enjoy Ragnarok Origin Global on the cloud, with no restrictions on phone storage and more.

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