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Editing videos and creating polished movies using iMovie for macOS can feel overwhelming. For amateur video editors, the application is pretty complex. To set you on the path of becoming an iMovie expert, here are some tried and tested tips and tricks.

Zoom in and Crop for Better  Video Quality

If you are using your iPhone to capture videos, you can capture them at a resolution of 4K, 1080p, and 720p. Therefore, you have pixels to spare if you wish to create a movie and share it online.

If you have shot a clip you wish you had captured by zooming in when recording, you can use iMovie to do that for you. Use the app to zoom in on the specific portion of the frame.

You can zoom in by highlighting the clip in your timeline > clicking the crop button > choosing Crop to Fill or Ken Burns > and dragging to choose the clip portion in the preview window you wish to crop. Then, click the Check Mark button and apply the changes.

Save or Convert videos to MP4

MP4 is a container format where you can store much audio and video information in smaller files. This modern container format allows users to stream videos across the web.

If you are using iMovie to edit your video clips, it means the finished files will be saved in MOV format. You can convert the files to MP4 and then upload them on the Internet.

How to convert iMovie to MP4? First, locate the file in the iMovie library > click the Share button > select Export File > select the format and click Next > choose the file name where you want to save the file > click Convert.

Remove or Detach Audio from the Video

Detaching the audio from a video clip can do interesting things to your finished file. You can keep the audio going, then split a clip and insert a photo montage. This will sound better than if the audio drops out while the pictures play.

You can detach audio from a clip by right-clicking in the timeline and selecting Detach Audio. The clip’s blue portion will detach and be denoted with a green audio clip.

Split Clip

Do you have an overly long clip? It might be a good idea to split the clip so that your audience does not lose interest by the end of the clip.

The clip can be split into several clips, and then trim out the parts you want to remove.

Right-click on the point in the clip where you want to split it, and then select the Split Clip option.

Add Pictures Using the Ken Burns Effect

Break up video clips by adding pictures, making your video appear much more appealing. You can add a photo by going to the Photo Library and dragging images to the timeline where you want to add the video clip.

Photos have a duration of four seconds by default, along with the Ken Burns effect. You can change the photo’s duration by clicking on one of the edges and sliding it. In addition, you can tweak the start and end points by double-clicking the picture in the timeline.

Add a Soundtrack to Your Movie

Want to liven up the action in your video clip? Add a soundtrack by clicking the Audio header and choosing the song you created in GarageBand or purchased in iTunes.

Once you have decided on the song, drag it to your timeline. The song can be trimmed and split.

Add Transitions to the Video

Transitions make going from one video clip to the next more interesting and less jarring. iMovie lets users choose from several styles that you can choose.

To add transitions, click Transitions at the top of iMovie > drag a transition of your choice between two video clips in the timeline. These transitions are one second in length by default, but you can alter the duration after adding it to the timeline.

Import Videos from iPhone

The traditional version of iMovie required users to use third-party programs to import videos from their iPhones. But those days are gone.

Today, you can download videos from your iPhone and easily edit them using iMovie.

Integrate iMovie with Facebook

iMovie is a rare Apple program that works perfectly well with social media networking websites. The app is integrated with Facebook.

You can use pictures from your Facebook account with iMovie and even sync the iPhoto feature with this social networking site. In addition, you can choose the right photo gallery that you wish to import to iMovie.

Final Thoughts

These iMovie hacks will set you on the path to becoming a master in using this app and creating professional-like videos. Then, upload the videos across the web, or you can save them for your personal collection.

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