How to Get a Real Estate License in Florida






If you are planning to become a realtor in Florida, you’ll need a real estate license. To become licensed, you’ll need a High School Diploma, fingerprinting, and an application fee of $89 or more. You will also have to take a 63-hour pre-licensing course. The course will cover several different aspects of real estate, including insurance coverage, how to evaluate a property’s price, and legal terms and terminology.

After passing the Florida Real Estate Examination, you must undergo post-licensing training. The requirements for obtaining your license are different from state to state, so make sure you know your requirements well before you register for the exam. It’s best to take the required course before applying for your license. The best way to prepare is to review the questions and practice with a real estate simulation test. The practice tests are offered at Pearson Vuuu, so it’s easy to schedule them online.

The process of becoming a real estate agent in Florida is not difficult. It requires you to complete 63 hours of pre-licensing courses at an approved school. These courses cover the topics required by the Florida Real Estate Commission. You’ll need to pass a background check and pass a State examination before you can apply for your license. Once you have earned your license, you’ll have the opportunity to earn commissions as a real estate agent. Just be sure to invest time and money in maintaining your license, and your career will flourish.

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