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I Tried Some Kapha Tea – Here’s What I Discovered 

I’ve always been something of a tea connoisseur, unlike most of my friends who just can’t seem to get enough coffee in their lives! So, when I came across kapha tea while browsing a magazine in my dentist’s waiting room, I felt that I simply had to know more. What was this mysterious beverage that I’d never heard of before?

The only obvious thing to do was try some and see what tastes and aromas were on offer. So, I placed an order online with a company called Chado, and it arrived on my doorstep a couple of days later. What I didn’t know at the time was that I was getting into an interesting field known as ayurvedic medicine. 

So, What Is Kapha Tea For?

Basically, it’s a spiced, herbal tea that is created in order to balance what’s known as the kapha dosha within the human body. Now, the subject of doshas is not one that I have the time or ability to explain here, so I’ll simply settle for describing the taste. 

Once in the mouth, it’s pretty obvious why this beverage is popular. In addition to all the reported health benefits, it’s lovely warm and spicy, yet lightly bitter to the taste. It’s why some people add cardamom to make it a touch more palatable. 

What Is Ayurvedic Medicine for the Layman?

Kapha tea is part of ayurvedic medicine – something that dates back thousands of years to the land of India. According to the teachings of ayurveda, the drink balances the body – but only if you’re the kind of person it can help. 

If you’re not a kapha person, then you’ll belong to one of the other two doshas; pitta and vata. So, in order to balance yourself in the same way, you’d need to drink a vata or pitta tea. It’s a pretty basic way of looking at the subject, but it will do for now.

Ayurveda is a word that simply refers to the blend of ingredients when it comes to herbal tea. Certain spices have drying or warming properties and provide help to the body. Depending on the type of person you are, you’ll need a certain blend to balance you. 

Kapha Tea Is Worth Trying – Even If It’s Just For the Taste!

Now, even though I have some of the tea in my cupboard (which I love by the way), I haven’t gone fully into ayurveda. Truth be known, I’m only drinking the tea, but for my mind, the warming, satisfying taste it offers makes trying it worthwhile if only for that taste. 

It may or may not be helping me, as I’ve not taken the time to find out what dosha I am, however, all I know is that I love having a cup now and again because it makes me feel centred and relaxed. There aren’t many non-alcoholic drinks that do that to me, so it’s worth taking note of. 

I’m simply on a quest to find the best tea tastes from around the world, and in this regard, I can’t fault it. Sure, I add a little sugar to get rid of the mild bitterness, but it energises me and stops me from reaching for a soda from time to time. 


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