Shooting Angelfish Mermaid Shooting Playground

Mermaid shooting is considered an extremely entertaining game, the rules are simple, and the prize structure is also extremely attractive. If you are new to online bookies, you can choose this interesting game series. Follow the following article to better understand the extremely attractive mermaid shooting game at Nhà cái Hi88.

Introduction to shooting angelfish

Shoot angelfish Set in the vast ocean, it brings extremely attractive hunting experiences. This game series has an extremely eye-catching and cute interface, so players are extremely entertained after a long, tiring day of work.

Not only are you entertained, but this game series has countless extremely attractive prizes and you can experience new, modern features. If you are too stressed with work and life, this is the game created for you.

The most outstanding games at Mermaid Shooting

What stands out about mermaid shooting is the diverse and extremely attractive game system. Depending on the level, players will experience different game genres such as:

  • Village pond and ocean: These are two game lines for most players when participating in online fish shooting.
  • Giants: A game series only for those who have shooting skills and have a net worth greater than the house’s regulations.

Currently, Hi88 has all these select lines so bettors can participate in the experience. If you are a fan of fish shooting games, quickly visit the house now!

Review of the fish shooting game

This is a line that many people enjoy and experience. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of shooting mermaids?

Advantages of fish shooting game

Surely when many people come to this game series, it must have the following outstanding advantages:

  • The interface is extremely eye-catching. Because it is an online game, it is equipped with an extremely modern technology network. Surely this interface will bring extremely interesting and entertaining playing experiences.
  • Money transfer and withdrawal transactions are extremely fast and convenient: this game portal operates legally, all transactions will be authorized by the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam. Therefore, players can rest assured to deposit and withdraw money during the game.
  • Perfect privacy policy: All personal information of customers will be kept absolutely confidential by the house. If there is any information leak to the outside, the house will take full responsibility.
  • This game has many promotions for both new players and high-ranking players.


Besides the above advantages, this game also contains some of the following disadvantages:

  • Because it is an extremely entertaining game, it is very addictive. Therefore, families with young children should limit letting them play this game often.
  • Because it is a famous reward game series, players must deposit money to be able to play.

Review of the fish shooting game

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How to play the online fish shooting game simply

Whether you are a new or veteran player, you can play the fish shooting game easily and quickly. Because as mentioned above, this game’s gameplay is not too complicated, you just need to observe or read the rules of the game to participate. When playing at bookies, you play through the following 5 steps:

  • Choose a safe place to play – register an account: when playing fish shooting in general and shooting mermaids in particular, first you need to choose a quality playing address. This will ensure safety during participation. If you play at an unreliable house, it is easy to get scammed or the website crashes. Once you’ve made your choice, proceed to register for an account. Please follow the game portal’s requirements, registration takes about 2 – 3 minutes.
  • Players can refer to the current reputable address for playing mermaid shooting at:Hi88

Hi88 is a professional and reputable select and fish shooting channel with many years of operation in the market. The number 1 licensed and tightly secured game portal in the market is the perfect choice for you.

  • Deposit money to play fish shooting: no matter how you play, you need to deposit money into your account. Currently, most game portals will offer a variety of payment methods from internet banking, e-wallets, direct deposits, ATM cards, etc. When you finish depositing, the amount you just deposited will be transferred. into account. At that time, you proceed to play as usual.
  • Gun barrel choice: this is also an important factor that determines whether you win or lose. Choosing a gun barrel will have many different sizes. If you know how to choose, it is considered a successful way to shoot fish for coins in the first step.
  • Proceed to attack and destroy the fish: at this step, you just need to choose the appropriate fish, lock the target and shoot. To collect bonus points and coins to your account. The more fish you shoot, the more points you collect.
  • Withdraw money to your account when winning: if your hunting battle is successful, you can withdraw money to your account according to the game portal’s step-by-step instructions. The withdrawal process will take about 10 minutes longer depending on the bank.

The most accurate experience in shooting angelfish

Although the rules of the game are simple, if you want to be sure of winning, players need to accumulate effective playing experience. Here are some experiences in playing fish shooting revealed by experts.

Shoot bullets at the fish continuously

Experts in the fish shooting game will understand that fish will die if they are shot with enough bullets. Therefore, to win and shoot the most fish in the fastest time, you should shoot bullets continuously.

However, continuous shooting must be at the right focus. You should not shoot indiscriminately because it will lead to wasting bullets and decreasing playing performance.

The fish dies when the bullet leaves the barrel

Many experts use the tactic of continuously shooting at schools of fish. Surely there will be fish that get hit and die. This is called impromptu fish shooting, but the effectiveness achieved makes players extremely surprised.

If you are frustrated because you can’t hit your shot, you can use this shooting strategy.

Watch and shoot fish properly

Long-time players will have extremely smart playing strategies. In the school of fish, there will be big fish and usually the reward points will be higher than other fish. That’s why players should aim and shoot big fish to get the most points.

However, for many beginners, shooting large fish is quite time-consuming because they take a lot more bullets than small fish. But most of the new players do not have standard shooting skills, so their shooting efficiency is not high. In this case, you should still shoot small fish that are easy to kill to increase the bonus.


Above is all the most basic information about the mermaid shooting reward game series. If you are experiencing stress or fatigue problems, you can experience this game series. Because the game series has extremely high entertainment value that not every game series has. Join now and experience with Hi88!


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