Sunscreen Stick SPF 50 & How it Protects Against HEV Light

Did you know what HEV light is? Well, it stands for High Energy Visible light and exists around you each and everyday. As science shows, HEV light is one of many different frequencies emitted by the sun and accounts for 50% of the entire sunlight spectrum – meaning sunscreen stick SPF 50 is needed to protect you against it. 

What we’re talking about is the blue light element of sunlight. If you’ve ever wondered why the sky is a rich azure blue on a sunny day, that’s HEV light at work. Not only that, but it’s also a part of the light spectrum that’s pumped out by all of those digital devices we use every day. 

Sunscreen Stick SPF 50 Provides Ample Protection

What this means is that even if you’re locked in a windowless room, you still need to think about sunscreen if you’re using a laptop, tablet, smartphone or even just watching the TV. That said, HEV light impacts the skin slightly differently than regular UV rays. 

While UV light is potentially able to damage your DNA, HEV light is known to cause hyperpigmentation (a.k.a. Dark spots) and early ageing – hence the need to wear sunscreen stick SPF 50. Melasma can also be caused by HEV light, as it’s proven to generate damaging free radicals. 

HEV Light Can Shrink Skin Cells

When free radicals are present, they cause something known as oxidative stress, which is the technical description for the process of there not being enough oxidants in the body. That means there’s insufficient antioxidants to counteract the damage caused by free radicals. The net result is skin that starts to look old and weathered. 

HEV light is also though to change the size of your skin cells – by shrinking them! When combined with the UV damage you can get outside, a lack of protection against all this leads only one way. The trouble is that not everyone understands this danger and think that by staying in the shade, no other protection is ever needed. The truth is very different. 

Protecting Yourself Against HEV Light

So, is sunscreen all that’s needed? Yes and no. Yes sunscreen is pretty much all you need, but not just when you’re outside on a sunny day. To properly protect yourself all year round, it’s necessary to incorporate your sunscreen into your daily skincare routine – that way it will never get missed.

Other things you can do include minimising the amount of time you spend in front of screens and wearing sunscreen each day. Wearing loose-fitting clothes, sun hats and sunglasses can also help to minimise the damage you encounter each day. 

Never Be Without Sunscreen Stick SPF 50 For Your Skin!

All of these facts need to be considered every time you wake each day. While the sun is an amazing natural phenomenon that brings life to everything on the planet, the hard facts are that we don’t do well as a species when we’re not able to protect ourselves against its rays lifestylefun

The fact that it’s day time means that the sun is up in the sky and pumping out powerful yet damaging UV rays. This means that every time you step outside, you need protection. However, as we’ve seen here, that’s not all you have to think about.

So, whatever approach you take to skin safety in the sun, be sure to always have some sunscreen stick close by. Your health and youth depend on it partyguise


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