Symbols in Night Chapter 6

In Night, Elie Wiesel depicts the night as pitch-black and filled with many symbols. One of those symbols is the broken violin, which symbolizes the small happiness of Juliek’s life. Another is death, which represents the loss of life. Both of these symbols are echoed in the book. In the end, the central theme of Night is the human body’s focus on survival. Elie Wiesel evokes these themes by creating vivid, memorable images maru gujarat.

The darkness of night represents a spiritual and physical death. In this chapter, Wiesel depicts death and a deathbed, both spiritual and physical. Symbols of death are everywhere: the darkness of a prison cell, the dead bodies of millions of Jews, the ashes of a church and the flames of a candle in the burning of a train car. Even the absence of God makes night a symbol of uncertainty and film indir mobil.

Fire is a recurring symbol of death in Elie Wiesel’s novel. Fire is a symbol of destruction and the fire of a crematorium kills innocent infants. It consumes everything in its path and leaves no time for repair. Fire also represents the destruction of life and the hope that comes with it. In the end, this is also a symbol of hope in the camps. Similarly, the violin represents hope.

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