Top 4 Easily Avoidable Mistakes in Online Game

The game of poker is a fascinating, captivating mix of strategy, skill, luck, and gambling. Because of this, it transcends conventional borders and boundaries, making it popular all across the entire world instead of just regionally. And with that global interest comes the opportunity to play online.

WPT poker is one of the most well-known online platforms available, having popularized their brand in the major tournament market and through televised events. However, along with the ease and convenience that comes with playing online, there are a few unique pitfalls that you have to look out for. Here are 4 common and oftentimes costly examples:

1. Playing Too Many Hands

A typical mistake in online poker, particularly among newer players, is being involved in too many pots. This is because while it may seem confusing at first, there are multiple different ways you can play too many hands.

For example, you could simply be playing too loose at one table and are involved in too many pots. Or you could be multi-tabling and getting involved in too many hands that way. You could also be playing lengthy sessions where you are getting tired and making bad or impulsive decisions. Anyone of these examples is capable of draining your profit margin.

2. Falling Prey to Distractions

In physical card rooms such as casinos or private clubs, there are rarely any distractions beyond a few TVs with various sports programming being broadcasted. However, when you play online at home or anywhere else, you have the entire world available as a distraction.

Watching TV, tending to simple chores, browsing the web, socializing with friends, and many other distractions are very common when playing online. This causes lapses in focus, rushed decision-making, unintentional time-outs, and leads to many missed opportunities. When playing WPT poker or anywhere else, you need to have a dedicated area, relatively quiet and free of distractions.

3. Misreading Online Tells

Unlike in-person poker, there are no physical tells available online. This is why a great deal of emphasis gets placed on things like betting patterns, betting sizes, response time, online chat, and other actions that could indicate the strength or weakness of hands. But it is very important not to rely on “iffy” tells or assume certain things mean the same online as they do in live play.

4. Poor Bankroll Management

The simplicity and convenience of clicking buttons to deposit or reload chips can lead to significant bankroll mismanagement. It can be very tempting to go up in stakes or play looser when chasing losses. Establishing and setting aside a bankroll, while sticking to the proper blind limits, takes even more discipline online than it does in live play.

Avoiding Missteps on WPT Poker

While playing on the web or an app offers a unique and highly convenient opportunity to indulge in your favorite game, it also presents a set of challenges not commonly found in brick-and-mortar games. As you continue to play and expand your game, you will find even more traps waiting for you. The only way to avoid them is to keep studying and regularly analyze your play.


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