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Warning signs after rhinoplasty surgery

  First of all, the writer would like to introduce a bit about Writing about warning signs after surgery. The writer spent a long time thinking about whether to write well or not, but in the end, he realized that he could write better. 

Note : Plastic (Cosmetic) Surgery Center that is notable all around the world You can track down more data about medical procedure at

(Even if begging for unemployment) because everything would have advantages – disadvantages There are dark – there is light, there is black – there is white, the nose augmentation is the same. There are both advantages and disadvantages. Many times, people have seen before-after pictures of many celebrities and have seen their lives have changed for the better after the surgery.

   Most of the pictures that come out on the subject of plastic surgery tend to come out beautiful, but the story that the writer is going to write to read here is the dark side of plastic surgery that doesn’t end at the operating bed, but really. and it was the beginning of everything.

What warning signs should a rhinoplasty be aware of? The writer asked to share Time to be careful as follows.

   * During the first 1-7 days

   This is the time when the patient has to be the most careful. especially infection because during this period the body is quite weak Usually after rhinoplasty, the nose will be swollen for the first 2-3 days, with the most swelling on the 3rd day (this swelling depends on the doctor’s hand), after which it begins to gradually subside. 7 is quite collapsible enough to get around without people saying hello (which most patients would rather go out to others) greeted and appreciated in my own nose)

  But if the nose does not collapse but gradually swells on the 4th and 5th day and starts to have red swelling in the corner of the eye. indicates that an infection has occurred. I have to hurry back to see a doctor who performed rhinoplasty. (for writers The writer recommends that the nose be removed immediately. don’t have to keep Then take pills and injections. antibiotics too) because most of the infections after surgery, however, can’t be taken

   1 week – 1 month

   During this period, the body begins to recover. Many patients, if practiced Strictly, often are not swollen, not green, not repeated. Start to see a rough shape. Many patients think that the nose is beautiful and dry. (Or many people start to worry that the nose is tilted?!) But it’s really not. After a week after rhinoplasty, the silicone implant will still float. It is not attached to the lower nasal bone. The skin around the nose is still thicker than usual. Sometimes the skin swells. The ridge of the nose on the left or right is not the same. It makes it look skewed, so during this time, patients don’t worry about it. Wait for the next one, but if in the last few weeks your nose has dried up. swollen again This writer can tell that it is caused by 2 cases.

  1. Infection after surgery (This is the case that is not caused by surgery, but is caused by the care after the surgery of most of the patients). It is simply said that the patient may do anything, such as eating various slang items (fermented fish, pickled food, canned food, food the endless sea In fact, after 7 days the surgical wound is already attached. However, if the finger is picked up or scratched vigorously, it may be an infection from The tip of the nail that can enter the surgical wound.
  2. Concussions, such as coughing, sneezing, coughing, sneezing in a series, can’t stop. In this case, it is recommended that you take antihistamines together first or if you haven’t recovered after eating. The authors suggest that when coughing and sneezing, press two fingers above the lip area. to alleviate the movement of the skull (As I said, the silicone still doesn’t attach to the skull. can always move and when moving, it will cause tearing of the capillaries, causing them to swell again) or being really hit, such as being hit by the elbow of the person lying next to Was twisted by a friend’s nose, hit the door, hit the car in the face, got a T-shirt that was about to take off, hooked the tip of the nose, dripped into the fan because he secretly smiled at the young man next to the table. or any condition that increases the blood supply to the face, such as lying with the head lowered, such as a spa massage or doing yoga in a bizarre position. That said, all of this came out. From the patient’s mouth

   In the above cases, the swelling is not much and usually heals from taking antibiotics or reducing swelling, but if after 3 days of taking the medicine, the symptoms have not improved, it is recommended to go back to see the doctor. and tell the events accordingly actually happened with (Please tell the truth. will be treated properly Because most patients are afraid of being scolded by the doctor. so I tried to compose Add stories from home) because the treatment for each cause is different. If it’s caused by a bump, you usually don’t need to do anything other than medication to reduce swelling. Antibiotic injections are also required.

   1 to 3 months ago

   It is often the nose of many patients. The person has begun to heal completely and the shape is clearly visible. Now it will be distorted, no matter how it is tilted, you can see if someone’s nose is tilted. don’t worry. Go back to the doctor and ask for an appointment to fix your nose now. There are many. Hospitals and clinics that guarantee skew correction surgery in the first few months (I would say that a skewed nose can be caused by many reasons, but it’s easy to think that nose surgery is only done by the writer and the patient.)

   So if it’s not a writer, then it’s the patient that makes it tilt, so don’t argue too much. If tilted, then corrected, the patient may say that the writer is easy to talk to, the writer is not hurt. Many people complain that their body is hurting again, swelling again. The writer wants me to think positively that the doctor has taken responsibility for his part and it’s better than we go back to the examination and the doctor deflects the blame and does not fix it. to us

   During this period (1-3 months ago), what are the symptoms that are unusual?

  1. Symptoms that begin to notice that there is a yellow discharge or scabs attached in the nostril on the side of the surgery These symptoms are indicative of The surgery wound has started to have problems. The problem here is the surgical wound. Some people are just for a short time and then disappear, some people stay together for a long time and won’t disappear. Or some people start to notice that there is blood seeping out too. So when will the patient go to the writer? It is suggested that the symptoms of perinatal surgery are caused by several reasons as follows:

1.1 Cut the thread on the wound too quickly These symptoms are often observed with water. or yellow flakes Stuck in the nostrils since the first few months after augmentation. In this case, it is easy to treat by buying fresh wound wax. Apply to the wound every morning – evening. symptoms will improve Because the wax will help heal wounds to heal faster.

1.2 The nasal bone or silicone implant is too long to hold the tip of the nose longer causing the surgical wound sutured in the nostril to be held back out along the length that has been extended to allow the surgical wound to perforate

   In this case, an experienced doctor will ask to look at the nostrils for abnormalities. After that, most recommend correction by new surgery and shorter silicone implants. (But in this case, it can’t be used for nose tip augmentation as well. the use of cartilage behind the ear)


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