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When To Double Down In Blackjack

Being good at blackjack means you need to be hardcore with your strategies, but a big win is all about timing and knowing when you should double down. A big win in blackjack is not about how to play online jackpot games but having your strategy nailed down.

Doubling down is something of a trill move, and is probably one of the best known bets you can make in blackjack, however, most of us are totally unaware of how this play works. And, if we are honest, just how important timing is when you play this move 52av

So, what is doubling down, and why do you need to consider it so much?

A Brief Explanation Of Doubling Down

In short and sweet terminology, doubling down is to double your bet while you are in the middle of playing a hand, your bet is equal to your original bet, and in return you get an extra card. 

This is one hell of a risk, but it can also increase your payout greatly. This should only be played when you have a great advantage against the dealer in your game.

When To Double Down

Blackjack has one very simple aim, you just need to win playing against the dealer. Should you think that you have a statistical advantage, then go for it! Typically, there are some hands which will be better to double down on, as they have an advantage. 

Let’s look at these better hands.

Card Total Of 11

A total of 11 is the best time for you to double down in a game of blackjack as it is likely that even if you show 11, then a one would likely hit blackjack, or at least get very close to it. You can guarantee you won’t break 21 with a single card. 

This is why most people will choose to double down at this point.

If You Have A Hard 9 Or A Hard 10

A hard hand is one with no ace, and if you have a hand like this, it is a great time to double down if the dealer has a lower card. If it looks like you are in a good place to win, then doubling down is a good choice here.

If You Show A Soft 16, 17, Or 18

A soft hand is one where you have an ace and another card. An ace can be a real winner card, as it makes it more likely for you to hit 21 or get close to it. 

However, if you see an ace, don’t get too overconfident, you should double down in this situation, but only when the healer is showing a lower card.

When Should You Avoid Doubling Down?

Doubling down is great, but if you do it too much it can end up backfiring. While there are times when doubling down is a good call, there are also times when it is a bad call too. You can find yourself losing a great deal of money really quickly if you make a bad choice. 

So, these are the times when you SHOULD NOT double down!

If The Dealer Has An Ace

If the dealer has an ace, then you should avoid doubling down or doing anything overconfident. Aces are a great card to have in your roster, and it can increase your chances of winning, if the dealer has this, they have an advantage over you. 

The odds are therefore, in the favor of the dealer, so you should hold your horses, and play more cautiously. 

If You Have A Hard Hand Above 11

When your hand is over 11, you are risking busting. Doubling down is a very bad call when you are too close to a bust. If you are not 100% sure if you should double down when you have 11 or close to this, just hold back until you feel more confident in what you have. 

Save it for another time. 

What More Can We Tell You About Doubling Down?

Knowing when you are down or just sticking with what you are betting is key to being more successful at blackjack, so, we have put together some tips to help you further enhance your blackjack strategy. 

  • When you are ready to take the risk of doubling down, signal this by pushing a stack of your chips equal to the amount of your original bet to your original wager. Do not put the new chips on top of your original amount as it is seen as tampering. 
  • Your double down bet must always match the original bet. 
  • If you are new to blackjack, simply remember it is best to double down if you are showing 11. 
  • You cannot usually double down after you have split. Some casinos may allow this, but most will not. 
  • You cannot double down after a hit, it is only a move for after your first 2 cards have been dealt.


Doubling down can be a great move, or it can be a move that will clear you out. For the best chances, only double down at 11.


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