Whistler Grills Offered by BBQs 2u, A Premium Outdoor Cooking Oven






For both residential and commercial use, BBQs 2u’s enormous barbecue is highly suggested if you are searching for a large grill.

With its many grilling options and capacity to cook multiple dishes at once, this enormous grill is perfect for large gatherings and offers a great deal of versatility. This BBQ is incredibly affordable!

Whistler BBQs and grills provide an opulent selection of built-in and freestanding gas barbecues, outdoor modular kitchens, and coordinating accessories.

BBQs 2u takes great pride in offering high-quality products at an inexpensive price, without sacrificing quality.

Because the items are made from premium materials like 304 stainless steel and quality control is ensured at every stage, you can be confident that they are long-lasting and beautifully crafted.

About this item

1. High-quality materials

The premium food grade 304 stainless steel used in the construction of Whistler built-in two side burners is chosen for its exquisite detailing, expert craftsmanship, and robust build quality.

2. Product features

The heavy-duty 304 stainless steel grate, two cast brass burners (totalling 24,000 BTUs), LED blue control panel lights, two interchangeable control knobs, a stainless-steel detachable lid, and a conversion kit are all included with this outdoor kitchen side burner.

3. Humanized design

When using natural gas, the pipeline should be connected directly, without the need for a regulator.

A grease management system is provided, and the easily detachable grease tray beneath the double side burner conveniently gathers dropping oil and makes cleanup easier.

4. Product dimension

  • Item weight: 32.63 lbs
  • Shipping weight: 36.68 lbs
  • Product dimensions: 13.4” L X 25.8” W X 13.6“H
  • Cutout dimension: 12.5” L X 20.25” W X 10.125”H

5. Wide application

The side burner grills that slide in are made to be extensively utilized in built-in applications such as BBQ islands and outdoor kitchens.

Any built-in style outdoor gas grill with three, four, or five burners can be used with this outdoor double side burner.


  • 2 cupboards and 2 drawers
  • 430 Stainless Steel
  • 5-year warranty
  • 6 premium stainless-steel burners
  • Ceramic infrared back burner

Built-in range

Four high-quality BBQ heads are included in the built-in range, along with an assortment of matching built-in drawers, doors, bins, and side burners. Whistler understands the importance of quality when it comes to planning and designing outdoor kitchen.

Because the entire line is made of stainless steel, it is evident that the products are long-lasting, which is crucial for outdoor kitchens. The integrated range from Whistler is the complete grilling solution!

It is strongly suggested to utilize this monstrous BBQ for both home and business purposes. With its many grilling options and capacity to cook multiple dishes at once, this enormous grill is perfect for large gatherings and offers a great deal of versatility.

Why buy your whistler grill from BBQs 2u?

BBQs 2u is an authorised Whistler dealer in the UK.  Purchasing your new Whistler Grill or Kitchen from an approved dealer, such as BBQs 2u, guarantees a valid warranty and the dealer’s support does not end with the sale.  Purchase from the family-run company like BBQs 2u that cares.

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