Why is Social Media Not Considered to Be Free?

In the United States and the European Union, freedom of speech is considered a fundamental human right, though there are some exceptions, such as banning hate speech or inciting violence. This is especially true on social media sites, which allow any speech to quickly spread across large geographical areas. Some notable examples of this phenomenon include the Arab Spring, the London riots, and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

In fact, many social media users don’t realize the scope of their posts to a broader audience, even though many social networks default to doing so. However, some sites require that users pay a set amount of their annual income in order to use their services. While that may be fine in some cases, it’s not ideal in the long run. So, the question of why is social media not considered to be free should be considered by users before making any major changes to their accounts.

Despite the apparent benefits of social media marketing, it should be remembered that it is still a form of advertising. While Foursquare, TwitterDeck, and Google Alerts are all free, they do come with hidden costs. Using social media for marketing purposes requires a considerable amount of planning, creative insight, and internal resources, which can add up over time. If you’re looking for a long-term ROI from social media marketing, then these considerations are essential.


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