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Why it makes sense to use the birth certificate website when applying for a birth certificate

Using the birth certificate website comes with a lot of advantages and if you have easy access to the internet, with more pros than cons. The birth certificate website was created as a way to improve the number of people applying for a birth certificate. According to a survey conducted in 2017, about one in five children did not have birth certificates since their parents did not apply for one for them. While it was fair to assume that a large number of these children were from rural India where they might not even have access to proper health care, there was a significant portion from urban India as well.

Furthermore, there are a lot of rules when it comes to applying for a birth certificate, like the fact that birth has to be registered within 21 days from the time the child was born. Additionally, the application has to be passed through the Panchayat or Municipality where the person was born. While this does not seem challenging, it implies that people who have moved, for any reason would have to return to handle this process which can be quite tedious. Challenges like this usually hamper a person from going through the process, and they prefer putting it off, completely.

Other than these change, there are other benefits to using the website. The birth certificate website coordinates with the Registrar of births and deaths, the Municipality or the Panchayat in producing the certificate and is not responsible for running through the process and getting the certificate themselves. The people running the website, act as middlemen, coordinating the process for others and handling the tedious parts and the running around. Since they have gone through the process multiple times, they know how to handle it and get the documents needed. The website can also be used to apply for copies of the birth certificate if the original one provided is misplaced. Additionally, other changes can be handled as well, including making changes to the certificate if there were errors on the certificate.

The overall primary benefit is that the website allows people to coordinate changes to their certificate from any part of the world which should be an encouragement to most people to handle the process whenever they get the chance. Additionally, the website is very user friendly and allows for anyone to be able to use it and handle the process that they are planning on getting through. Since the largest part of India is powered by mobile internet with more than 70% of internet users in the country using the internet only on their phones, the website is optimized to work well on phones as well.

Other than the processes mentioned, the website also creates awareness about the importance of applying for a birth certificate is a good idea. They also provide information and statistics that should help people make informed decisions. Lastly, the website has all the forms and information for dealing with any process relating to the birth certificate website so people can download these forms and submit them either online or through the office. One could also apply for documents like marriage certificate, shramik card employment card through online portals.


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