With one world champion: The MotoE grid for the 2023 season.

A new start for MotoE: For the first time, the series is considered a world championship and there are new bikes from Ducati. 18 bikes on the grid. Randy Krummenacher is on board.

MotoE is about to take an exciting step in its development in 2023. For the first time, a world champion will be sought, as the FIM has now given the electric series the status of a world championship. This is an unbelievable event. Be sure to keep an eye on who will be in the lead. Make the World Cup profitable for yourself with sports betting,  and make your predictions. But that’s not the only new thing: with Ducati, there is a new unit supplier for the 8-station and thus 16-race calendar. The Italians are on the schedule: Production of the new MotoE bikes is underway. Above all, they are to be lighter and closer to series production. So this event promises to be exciting on the technological side as well.

After setting the framework, the FIM has also confirmed today, Friday, the final field of MotoE riders. 18 bikes will be run by 9 teams. With RNF, Gresini, Pramac, LCR, and Tech 3, no less than 5 MotoGP teams have a MotoE offshoot. The other teams also have familiar names such as Aspar or IntactGP. The only German-speaking rider on the grid is for the latter: Swiss rider Randy Krummenacher will be racing with electric power for the first time. We can’t wait to see which one of them will be the first champion.

Otherwise, the field is Spanish and Italian-dominated: Only 3 of the 18 starters do not come from one of the two major motorcycle powers. MotoE also welcomes a world champion: Tito Rabat, 2014 Moto2 champion, returns to the paddock of the motorcycle world championship for Pramac. Former champions Matteo Ferrari (2019) and Jordi Torres (2020 & 2021) are also back on the grid. The female touch in the field is once again provided by Maria Herrera, who is entering her fifth MotoE season.

As the material is all new, it’s hard to pick favorites. Eric Granado will be looking to go for the title after finishing second in the preseason. Matteo Ferrari and Mattia Casadei should also be reckoned with. Two-time champion Jordi Torres had a difficult year in 2022 but must not be forgotten. There is also the question of what form Tito Rabat will be in. The Spaniard only made a few guests starts in the Superbike championships in 2022.


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