What Are the Advantages of Water Ionising Machines 

Water ionisation is the most popular and old process to filter water. Ionisation is the process through which water molecules get broken apart. Also known as electrolysis, this process breaks the H2O water molecule into its constituent hydrogen and oxygen ions. This process separates and filters out the water’s acidic and alkaline parts.

Reason for Separate Outlets of Water Ionisers

The ionising water machine from the RO service near me in Kolkata has separate alkaline and acidic water outlets. The reason for this is the difference in the pH level of the acidic and alkaline water.

High pH in water makes it rich in antioxidants and electrons. This kind of water is really good for ingestion. However, acidic water is a health hazard for internal use. It acts as an oxidising agent and antimicrobial cleanser in external use.

Types of Water Ionisers

There are a few types of water ionisers. There is the alkaline water ioniser and the antioxidant one, and detoxifying ionisers. Water is basic on the pH levels as we know. However, as the water becomes alkaline, it helps bodily functions. The alkaline water ionisers increase the pH level of water.

The alkaline water reduces the harmful effects of the contaminants. Alkaline water helps to neutralise the acid in the body of individuals and thus improves their overall health.

The second one is the antioxidant water ioniser. Antioxidants help to retain the freshness and the healthy glow of the skin. It makes the cells more energetic, thus improving overall health. Pollutants in water can affect the health and the glow of the skin. Antioxidants in the water purifier cleanse the particles and germs and protect the cells.

The last one is the detoxifying water ionisers. These ionisers remove the toxins in the water. The toxin can come from industrial residue and cause various health issues. The water purifier service in Kolkata will clean the filter so that it remains functional for years and traps all unwanted particles as the water passes through.

Nullify Free Radicals

Active oxygen is a free radical and hence is detrimental to the actual benefits of water. It can damage tissues and, therefore, must get neutralised before the water gets distributed for drinking. Blocking oxidation from the water will keep it fit for drinking. Additionally, people will avoid many diseases.

Water has an abundance of hydroxyl ions (OH-) in itself. These ions provide extra electrons that neutralise destructive free radicals that plague the body. Filters have potent antioxidant properties that eliminate the free radicals in the water.

Health Benefits

Ionised water helps in digestion and eases any digestion issues. The ionised water faces no problem in passing through the intestines. No such stomach acid gets produced as a response to the alkaline in the water. Alkaline water gets absorbed by the body much faster than regular water with free radicals.

The ions present in water regulate the osmotic pressure in the body. This pressure allows proper osmosis in the water content of the body. It allows the body to absorb nutrients much more effectively. In doing so, the body can transmit nerve signals better and contract the muscles in the heart. Therefore, as one can see, ions in water are essential in keeping us alive.

Combats Acid Reflex

People can suffer from acid reflux when the contents of the stomach that is acidic in nature splash back. The splash back reaches the food pipe. This reflux can go on for a long time and lead to gastroesophageal damage and disease.

On the topic of better digestion, ionising water machines soothe acid reflex. The high pH levels kill an enzyme called pepsin. Pepsin is essential in breaking down food proteins that cause acid reflux in the first place.

Good for Your Body

The water ionisers help to remedy various problems that tap water cannot solve. The water ioniser does not eliminate any essential nutrients like calcium and magnesium. It leaves the nutrients in helping the water to retain its healing and medicinal properties.

Alkaline water from a water ioniser tastes sweet and refreshes one. Not only does it taste better than regular tap water, but it also has more health benefits than tap water. There are no free radicals or pollutants that carry harmful germs.


Sometimes alkaline water and acidic water may have the same equal calcium in them. However, it is still better to consume alkaline water as the body will absorb the minerals faster and more effectively than acidic water.


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